Chevelle's Style

My Services Include:

*Discovering your Personal Style

*Body typing

*Wardrobe Consultation


*Closet Organizing

*Personal Shopping

Discover your signature style. 

Discover what colors, cuts, styles and accessories best showcase your lifestyle and your figure. 

Everyone has a personal style and I’ll help you perfect yours.
I am available for personal consultations, speaking engagements, seminars and workshops. I am experienced in doing workshops on Fashion and Style for Women’s Groups, Teen Organizations, and Churches, just to mention a few.  Prices upon request.
Style Pricing: 

*  Personal Style Consultation - $100/hr.

*  Closet Analysis with Wardrobe Consultation (2 hours min. $150) – $50 hr. for each additional hr.

*  Personal Shopping w/client (2 hour min.) - $100 hr.

*  Personal Shopping w/o client - $125 hr.

*  Group Shopping with 3 people max (3 hour minimum) - $50 hr. per person

*  Styling for Special Events - $100 hr.

*  Packing Consultation - $65 hr

Wardrobe Consultation:

*  I will analyze your present wardrobe relative to your current lifestyle. It is important that your wardrobe and lifestyle match.

*  I will recreate your wardrobe including existing and future items.

*  I will go through your closet with you to decipher what should stay and what must go. This will also include shoes and accessories.

*  There are core pieces that should be in every woman’s wardrobe and I will introduce these to you.

*  I will help you coordinate outfits and I’ll also show you how to keep your wardrobe updated with the fast changing fashion trends.

*  I can also provide you with expertise in packing for business or personal travel.

*  Together we can organize your wardrobe and give you great tips to live by.

Closet Analysis:

*  I'll analyze your closet. How is it organized? Is it efficient? What can be done to improve the layout.

*  I'll conduct a wardrobe analysis. What can stay and what should go. What should be taylored and what should be donated to charity.

*  I'll review the items that will stay and decide what core pieces should be added.

*  I'll determine your wardrobe essentials. What should you go shopping for?

*  I'll analyze your accessories. What should stay and what should go? What do you have too much of? What should be updated?

*  We will start putting outfits together and teach you how to mix and match.
Personal Shopping

*  Based on your closet analysis and your personal style, I can shop with you or for you.  

*  An expert personal shopper understands your image goals, your needs and your budget and will shop accordingly.  

*  I will arrive at our shopping location early and have outfits ready for you to try on when you arrive. 

*  Having a personal shopper with you will ensure you purchase only those items that will work for you.

We will:
*  Determine what essentials you will be shopping for.

*  Determine your budget.

*  Select the shopping locations

*  I will introduce you to new styles, colors and accessories to enhance your wardrobe and life style.

Other Services

Styling for special occassions:

*  Special occasion dressing needs more effort and coordination. 

*  Let me help you select just the right look for your gala event. Your total look will dazzle.


*  Do you know how to pack efficiently for a business trip or how to take a 2-week vacation with minimum luggage?  

*  I’ll show you how.

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